The Personal Evolution of a Non-PR major in a PR class

Coming into a PR class, I didn’t really know what to expect, and frankly I didn’t really even know what PR was to begin with. Looking back at my first blog my view about PR was much more about branding and public image, but there is so much more that goes into PR than just that. PR professionals are problem solvers and critical thinkers. Overall, I have gained a lot of skills throughout this class, but that didn’t mean it was easy. I was never an advertising/PR major, not will I ever be, but learning how to make a campaign, a press release, and deal with crisis management are things that I will use in any job I do.

This class didn’t change my major, but it definitely gave me more confidence in where ever I end up in politics or in the health care sector. I originally defined PR as “Public relations is a way of creating and maintaining an image for a brand or company, it can be similar to promotion or management depending on your client and their needs. A person working in PR may come up with campaigns to promote a company, and they may also try to maintain a positive image of their client even if something negative is released.” So I think this is fairly accurate, but also missing key components mentioned earlier. In this class I learned about the history of PR, as well as how that is changing and what will continue to happen in the future. We looked into how social media and the age of technology had a HUGE impact on PR, and real life examples of crisis management.

Blogging, keeping up with the campaign assignment, and the million other things college students have going on seems to have given me a little taste about how the PR world is. Things are always evolving and changing, so you have to be ready to jump in and deal with what you are given. This campaign we conducted was for the Religious Studies department at GVSU, this was probably one of the most challenging things I have done in my academic career. I never thought that it would be done, one thing after another, it kept growing and growing, then all of the sudden it was done. That taught me that you have to just keep pushing through when things get hard, because eventually it will be done and what a relief it will be.

I said in my first blog, the ambiguity of PR is something that adds to it. I think still after taking a class it still feels a little…. well ambiguous. I am excited for the rest of my classes that have anything to do with PR, and I feel prepared to go into another class and use the skills I have acquire through this course. And I can say I still am not a PR major, but maybe another class will convince me to look outside of what I have set my mind on.


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